ATLASx Databases

Navigating known and hypothetical biochemical space

ATLASx databases explore potential biochemical reactions within different chemical scopes:

bioDB is the result of a unification effort of publicly available biochemical databases (e.g., KEGG, SEED, MetaCyc, BiGG, Brenda). It also includes bioactive compounds (e.g., compounds from ChEBI, CHEMBL, KEGG Drug).

bioATLAS is an effort to connect all the compounds in bioDB to construct a global biochemical reaction network within the biological and bioactive compound space.

chemATLAS further involves compounds from the chemical compound space (PubChem), that are not part of the biological or bioactive compound space, but have the theoretical capacity to be produced or consumed in a biochemical context.

You can help us improve ATLASx by reporting bugs and sending feedback. If you are experiencing issues in ATLASx platform, we highly encourage you to report any issues you encounter by email to us. However, before you report an issue, please check the user guide first.

During the development of the database, we faced several challenges and learned some lessons, which might be helpful for anyone working with chemoinformatics. They are summarized here: