Database for drug metabolism and comparisons,, aids discovery and design is a resource allowing systematic and large-scale computational analysis of drug biochemistry (metabolic precursors or prodrugs and metabolic fate or degradation), enzymatic targets, and toxicity in the context of cellular metabolism, i.e. currently including: human, Plasmodium (malaria parasite), and E. coli metabolism. suggests a new metric for comparison of pairs of molecules that is based on a reactive site-centric fingerprint, the NICEdrug score. generates three types of drug reports:

  1. Reactivity report: identifies reactive sites and target enzymes of known ( molecule) or new small molecules in a cell.
  2. Repurposing report: identifies drugs for repurposing to target an enzyme in a cell.
  3. Druggability report: identifies inhibitors (drugs or prodrugs) for an input enzyme and cell.

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More features of this resource will be made available soon ...